Overnight Boarding: $40 per night. $35 per night for each additional dog

Add-on Swim/Walks: $5 per day

Nail Trim: $25

Bath: $30 – $50 based on weight


All new clients are required to schedule a meet and greet with their pets. This will be a time to tour the facilities as well.

We have a zero tolerance policy for aggression. Our highest priority is the safety of the pets in our care.

Late Drop-offs or Pickups are subject to fees or cancellation of your appointment


  • What should I do about food?
    Food should be packaged as individual serving size bags, labelled with your dog’s name.
  • Can I bring my dog’s bed or toys?
    You are welcome to bring items to help your dog feel at ease during its stay. We provide beds as well as food and water bowls.
  • My dog is in heat, can I still board her?
    We board unaltered male and female dogs. We are unable to board dogs in active heat due to safety and breeding concerns. If your dog comes into heart during her stay, we will charge an additional nightly fee and provide separate boarding accommodations. We will not accept dogs in active heat at drop off.
  • I am interested in training for my dog. Do you provide any training services?
    Yes! New River Kennels is proud to host Black Label Retrievers as our exclusive trainer. Black Label Retrievers provides obedience and gun dog training. You can learn more about them by visiting their website: BlackLabelRetrievers.com
  • My dog is extra large or extra small. Can I still board them?
    Our highest priority is your dog’s safety. We will schedule a meet and greet with you and your dog and discuss this on a case by case basis.